The Simpsons Slot

The Simpson Slot

  • A fun and interactive new slot from WMS based on the famous TV series, The Simpsons
  • Housed in the Gamescape cabinet, players can use their hands to play the bonuses
  • Lots of rewards and big payouts available through different features, with all your favourite characters from the show

The Simpsons is one of the best known and widely loved TV series across the Globe. With its brilliant humour, and characters we can all relate to, The Simpsons has grown to become a household name that is instantly recognizable. Is it any wonder then that SG Gaming, and the subsidiary WMS have created a fantastic slot from this hit TV series?

Originally showcased at the Global Gaming Expo back in 2016, The Simpsons slot has since become hugely popular and there are plenty of reasons for this. Firstly let’s start with the housing unit, the Gamescape cabinet, featuring three gorgeous HD displays including a huge 40 inch screen at the top, an extra wide display panel and an interactive 10.4 inch tablet at the bottom with multitouch support for players to interactive with. It’s fair to say that even the stunning display used for Willy Wonka Dream Factory slot isn’t at this high a standard. At the very top is an eye-catching, rather elegant display of some of the most well-known Simpsons characters which feature in the slot itself, and to top it all off the machine features motion detectors to add a truly immersive experience and make the bonuses a lot more fun. In all, the Gamescape cabinet really brings players into the Simpsons world and truly stands out from the crowd, so you’ll know exactly where to find it at the casino.

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The Simpsons Slot Bonuses and Features

Going into more detail about the game itself, The Simpsons slot features a 5×5 layout, which is slightly unusual, with wins triggered from left to right. The idea is to obtain a winning combination using symbols that, of course, feature our favourite characters from the show. Here I have ranked them in ascending order based on their value:

  • Duff Beer, Santa’s Little Helper, Snowball II, Blinky (Three-eyed Fish) and Milkshake (lowest value)
  • Chief Wiggam, Krusty the Clown, Moe Sizlack and Apu
  • Homer Simpson
  • The Simpsons Logo (most valuable)

The Simpsons Logo is wild for all symbols apart from Homer Jackpot and The Doughnut symbols. The Homer Jackpot symbol is wild for the Homer symbol, and only appears on line 2. Five of these at max bet awards the Top Jackpot.

The Mystery Symbol Feature: Before the reel spin begins, The Mystery Symbol Feature is activated and each of the four corner reels contains a number of positions which are randomly replaced with symbols excluding Homer Jackpot. Each of the remaining reels contains positions which are replaced with all symbols that appear in the base game apart from Homer Jackpot, The Doughnut and The Simpsons Logo.

Cloning Feature: During the base game, if a spin doesn’t contain 4 matching Respin Feature or Donut Wheel Bonus trigger symbols on the 4 corner reels, the Cloning Feature may be triggered. During this, before the reel spin initiates, any column may switch to an alternate set of reels, excluding the 4 corner reels. For each column that switches, all positions on that column apart from the 4 corner reels will stop at the same symbol. If the position on line 2 stops at Homer Jackpot, all other positions in that column apart from the 4 corner reels will also stop at Homer Jackpot.

Respin Feature: If 5 Homer Jackpots do not appear on line 2, 4 matching Homer, Apu, Moe, Krusty or Chief Wiggam symbols on the 4 corner reels will trigger the respin feature, moving the game to the associated character’s location of the triggering symbol. Note that The Simpsons Logo does not count towards this feature. A single respin is awarded. Any Simpsons Logo symbols transform into the respin character symbol, while Homer Jackpot transforms into Homer if he is the respin character symbol. These are held for the duration of the feature. If the up arrow appears on the screen, pays are increased and the arrow transforms into the respin character symbol, with up to 4 of these being available. If an additional respin character symbol appears, another respin is awarded. All respin scatter pays are multiplied by the bet multiplier. Below is a table of the respin scatter pays:

the simpsons slot table

If 5 Homer Jackpots do not appear on line 2 during any wagered spin that doesn’t trigger the Respin Feature or Donut Wheel Bonus, then the following features with the associated locations may be triggered:

Homer’s Monorail Madness – Springfield Nuclear Power Plant

Each monorail car displays a credit prize of between 5x and 1000x the bet multiplier. A win window, 1-7 cars wide and 3 cars tall will appear over part of the monorail. After it stops, all credit prizes within the window are awarded.

Apu’s Scrat-cha-pa-looza – Kwik-E-Mart

With the provided ticket, reveal all 6 sections to find 1-3 pairs of matching symbols before the reels stop spinning. For each pair you reveal, each of that symbol on the screen is replaced with the Wild symbol, or Double Wild when high roller bets are active. If a pair of Homer symbols are revealed, both Homer and Homer Jackpot will be replaced. One or more Double Wild doubles the pay line when involved in a winning combination.

Moe’s Pranks a Lot – Moe’s

Again before the reels stop spinning, choose 1 of the 4 names presented to reveal a random multiplier, which will be applied to all wins. This is between 2-50x for non-high roller bets, and 5-100x for high roller bets.

Krusty’s It’s Cobblering Time – Krustylu Studios

Fire the pies at Krusty before the reels stop spinning, with 3-25 pies landing on random reel positions, placing a Wild symbol when non-high roller bets are active, or Double Wild symbols when high roller bets are active. These are wild for The Simpsons logo. One or more Double Wild doubles the pay line if involved in a winning combination. Pies cannot land on either of these two symbols.

Wiggum-a-rol – Lard Lad Donuts

This feature can only be triggered if at least 3 Chief Wiggum symbols appear on the screen and is chosen for at least one of the replacements in the Mystery Symbol Feature. The Wiggum Card symbol is placed over each Chief Wiggum symbol. Choose one to obtain an award which differs for high and non-high rollers bets.

Donut Wheel Bonus: This is one of the more exciting bonuses in the game, and is triggered by four Doughnut symbols on the four corner reels. Catch between 7-26 doughnut sprinkles as they fall with your hands using the motion sensors; if none are attempted to be caught the game will automatically collect them for you. The colour of the sprinkles presents different rewards:

  • Blue Sprinkles: Each blue sprinkle awards an additional free spin, with a maximum of 5 to be collected.
  • Red Sprinkles: These award a Wild that locks into a random reel position at the start of the free spins and remains locked for the entire bonus. Up to 10 can be collected.
  • Green Sprinkles: Up to 9 of these can be collected, each increasing the multiplier by 1 during the free spins.
  • White Sprinkles: These award a mystery symbol that locks into a random reel position at the start of the free spins and remains locked for the remainder of the bonus. Between 5 and 15 of these can be collected.

After the sprinkles stop falling, the number of free spins appears on the doughnut (between 3 and 15). Homer then bites a number to award the free spins. A different set of reels is used for this bonus, with the winning combinations identical apart from Homer Jackpot and The Doughnut symbol do not appear, and the respin feature and location features are unavailable.

the simpsons slot gameplay


The Simpson’s Slot is easily one of the most, if not the most, interactive and entertaining slots there is. The motion sensors add a brilliant new element to the game making it significantly more fun, and that’s very fitting for a slot which is based on The Simpsons. The bonuses are plentiful with various rewards available, and if played right The Simpsons slot can bring in significant profits. It’s definitely one of our favourite slots out there, and definitely worth trying out.

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